Under The Skin


Under the Skin


A seductive alien prowls the streets of Glasgow in search of prey: unsuspecting men who fall under her spell.


Under the Skin


Although married and pregnant Rose has always been Mother's favorite, it is younger sister Iris whose life is shaken up by Mother's death. Suffocating, Iris spirals out of control and copes by losing herself in sexual oblivion. She leaves her steady, Gary, for a steady stream of one night stands in the arms of mysterious strangers, alienating Gary, Rose, her friends, and her employers in the process. Will this go on until she loses everything that is meaningful to her?


Under the Skin


A documentary on sixties counterculture in Japan featuring Donald Richie, Tadanori Yokoo, Masao Adachi, Koji Wakamatsu, Toshio Matsumoto and Akaji Maro among others.


Sisters Under the Skin


Directed by David Burton. With Elissa Landi, Frank Morgan, Joseph Schildkraut, Doris Lloyd.


Skid Row: Under The Skin: The Making Of Thickskin


One of the hottest groups of the 80s/90s roars back into the limelight with this remarkable DVD chronicling the making of their new release "Thickskin". Feel the energy, the fire and the passion put into every moment in the making of the new Skid Row album. This is a documentary about five musicians that never say "Die". Hear it in their words, see it through their eyes. Experience what members Rachel Bolan, Johnny Solinger, Snake, Phil Varone and Scotti Hill went through to rebuild the band, write and record new songs, and take their creative ability to new heights. This DVD will take you into their homes, the studio and the tour. With unprecedented access, Under the Skin is a revealing and honest look into Skid Row.


The Alien Agenda: Under the Skin


Anthology film centering around an alien invasion and guv'mint spooks.


Under the Skin


Passion, criminal instincts and traditions melt together in this film that shakes our understanding of crime.


Under the Skin


After years away from home, Duna returns to his home village to get reunited with his ill father. Upon arrival, she will feel rejection and misunderstanding about her trans-sexuality. Will she reconcile with her past and father?


God Under the Skin


Italian documentary


Under the Skin of the City


Tuba works daily at a grueling textile factory in Iran, returning home every night to deal with the rest of her problematic family, which includes: a pregnant daughter whose husband beats her regularly; a teenage son, who's been getting into trouble due to his burgeoning career in radical politics; and an older son who goes to great lengths--such as attempting to sell the family's meager house--in order to get an engineering job in Japan as a means of getting out of Iran.


Blues Under the Skin


Documentary about blues musicians.


A Lizard under the Skin


Ibiza. Bodies on the sand, a warm wind, an eternal sunshine, the chatter of crickets. A child’s eye, a women’s voice. She’s calling her mom, recalling: « Maud, four years old, eczema on the face, knees, arms… »


Under the Skin of the Night


In one of his daily wanderings, Ghassem Siah, a young jobless guy who leads a street life, runs into a young American tourist girl who is spending her last day in Tehran. Without understanding each other's words, they strike up a friendship and the girl accepts to sleep with him. But Ghassem doesn't have a place of his own and the girl is to depart by the next morning. Together they set off on the glistening yet hostile streets of modernizing Tehran of the 70s, in a futile search of a corner of intimacy, while time is ticking away....


La donna del delitto


Rare late day Giallo.


Flesh and Fire


Raphael is a sadistic charmer who moves into a wealthy French estate. One by one he seduces each member of the family. Nobody can resist his charms or his violent and perverted demeanor, even if it leads to their downfall.


Fascinating Fasciae: The Hidden World Under Our Skin


Fasciae, hidden connective tissues, are largely unstudied parts of our anatomy. What role do they play in the organism? And could a better understanding of them help in finding a cure for back pain?